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The Propulsion Workgroup (PW) is a workgroup in CSTART's CLLARE project, which aims to land a single human on the moon and return them safely to Earth.

[edit] Purpose

The task of the Propulsion Workgroup (PW) is to devise propulsion solutions for all stages of the mission: A launch vehicle to get the CM and LL into LEO, RCS on the CM to provide orientation control, an engine on the LL for ascent and descent and, for some mission plans, an orbital bus to perform TLI, lunar capture and TEI burns.

[edit] Major tasks

  • Design of booster
  • Design of service module engine
  • Design of CSM reaction control system
  • Design of lunar lander ascent/descent motor(s)

[edit] Open tasks

[edit] Booster

  • Decide on fuel / oxidiser (paraffin wax and nitrous oxide tentatively selected)
  • Decide on ignition mechanism
  • Decide on nozzle material
  • Decide on control mechanism
  • Decide on dimensions & lift capability

[edit] Orbital bus

  • Decide on fuel type (hypergolic, cryogenic)
  • Decide on fuel / oxidiser

[edit] Lander

  • Decide on fuel type (hypergolic, cryogenic)
  • Decide on fuel / oxidiser

[edit] FAQ

Propulsion Workgroup FAQ

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[edit] Suggested reading list

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