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The Life Support Workgroup (LSW) is a workgroup in CSTART's CLLARE project, which aims to land a single human on the moon and return them safely to Earth.

[edit] Purpose

The purpose of the Life Support Workgroup (LSW) is to design those systems which are necessary to keep the astronaut alive and healthy during the mission, both in the command module and during EVA.

[edit] Major tasks

  • Atmosphere control (CO2 scrubbing)
  • Temperature control
  • Water and food supplies
  • Waste management
  • Space suit design / choice

[edit] Open tasks

  • Develop detailed description of atmosphere control system:
    • Oxygen injection
    • CO2 extraction
    • Humidity control
  • Design temperature control system
  • Design food and water provision solution
  • Design waste storage system

[edit] FAQ

Life Support Workgroup FAQ

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