CLLARE Open Tasks

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[edit] Mission Planning Workgroup

[edit] Propulsion Workgroup

[edit] Booster

  • Decide on fuel / oxidiser (paraffin wax and nitrous oxide tentatively selected)
  • Decide on ignition mechanism
  • Decide on nozzle material
  • Decide on control mechanism
  • Decide on dimensions & lift capability

[edit] Orbital bus

  • Decide on fuel type (hypergolic, cryogenic)
  • Decide on fuel / oxidiser

[edit] Lander

  • Decide on fuel type (hypergolic, cryogenic)
  • Decide on fuel / oxidiser

[edit] Spacecraft Engineering Workgroup

[edit] Capsule

  • Decide on major dimensions of capsule
  • Decide on materials for outer cone
    • Requires estimate of Max Q during launch
    • Requires consideration of radiation issues
    • Requires estimate of reentry temperature
  • Decide on material for cabin pressure vessel (if not cone)

[edit] Lander

  • Decide on power supply
  • Determine list of required subsystems
  • Research likely effects of temperature extremes on subsystems
  • Estimate total vehicle mass

[edit] Life Support Workgroup

  • Develop detailed description of atmosphere control system:
    • Oxygen injection
    • CO2 extraction
    • Humidity control
  • Design temperature control system
  • Design food and water provision solution
  • Design waste storage system

[edit] Computer Systems Workgroup

  • Decide upon computer hardware
  • Decide upon computer operating system
  • Design high reliability data storage system

[edit] Navigation and Guidance Workgroup

[edit] Navigation

  • Decide on mechanical or MEMS inertial measurement system
  • Investigate stellar navigation for orientation determination
  • Determine feasibility of using high resolution images of Earth and moon for position estimation

[edit] Guidance

  • Develop more detailed mission plan, list of burns, etc.
    • Requires better mission planning software

[edit] Communications Workgroup

  • Anything that moves our communication system a step further away from vapourware!
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