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The Collaborative Space Travel and Research Team (CSTART) is a non-government space agency engaged in research and exploration of the solar system. Our work is based on an open model, and depends on the collaboration of volunteers located around the world. The group’s first and current goal is a successful manned mission to the moon.

The team began to form in late October, 2009 on the social link-sharing site reddit.com. There, a question was posed about the feasibility of a sending an individual to the moon with resources available to a non-government group. In response to that question, an informal group began to emerge and it became clear that the goal was not out of reach, due to advances in science and technology made since the last manned lunar mission (Apollo 17), nearly forty years ago. The group continues to grow from those humble beginnings into a truly international effort.

CSTART is dedicated to open-source design principles, using freely available and open-source tools wherever possible, and easily available resources where an open source alternative does not exist. Team members are located around the globe, and are experts in many different areas: physics and engineering, law and business, graphic design, and everything in between. Participation is encouraged for anyone who wishes to contribute in any small or large, but meaningful way. In this spirit of open-source, CSTART’s work will be made available to others wishing to use our research and techniques, free of charge, in hopes of accelerating the current pace of space exploration.