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The Spacecraft Engineering Workgroup (SEW) is a workgroup in CSTART's CLLARE project, which aims to land a single human on the moon and return them safely to Earth.

[edit] Purpose

The task of the Spacecraft Engineering Workgroup (SEW) is to design the physical structure of both lunar mission spacecraft - the command module and lunar lander. This includes the size, shape, construction material and construction techniques for these craft, as well as central systems such as power generation and plumbing. Issues such as aerodynamic stability during reentry, heat shielding during reentry and radiation shielding for space travel are also within the scope of the SEW.

[edit] Major tasks

  • Structural design of command module
  • Structural design of lunar lander
  • Power supply concerns for all vehicles
  • Thermal control concerns for all vehicles

[edit] Open tasks

[edit] Capsule

  • Decide on major dimensions of capsule
  • Decide on materials for outer cone
    • Requires estimate of Max Q during launch
    • Requires consideration of radiation issues
    • Requires estimate of reentry temperature
  • Decide on material for cabin pressure vessel (if not cone)

[edit] Lander

  • Decide on power supply
  • Determine list of required subsystems
  • Research likely effects of temperature extremes on subsystems
  • Estimate total vehicle mass

[edit] FAQ

Spacecraft Engineering Workgroup FAQ

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[edit] Suggested reading list

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