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The Navigation and Guidance Workgroup (NGW) is a workgroup in CSTART's CLLARE project, which aims to land a single human on the moon and return them safely to Earth.

[edit] Purpose

The purpose of the Navigation and Guidance Workgroup (NGW) is to perform the research, design and development work necessary to accurately guide the spacecraft from Earth to the moon and back.

[edit] Major tasks

  • Decide upon a route from Earth to the moon and back
  • Determine the engine burns that will be required to travel on this route
  • Design the hardware and software that will be required for the spacecraft to execute these burns accurately - a Navigation system and a Guidance system.

[edit] Open tasks

[edit] Navigation

  • Decide on mechanical or MEMS inertial measurement system
  • Investigate stellar navigation for orientation determination
  • Determine feasibility of using high resolution images of Earth and moon for position estimation

[edit] Guidance

  • Develop more detailed mission plan, list of burns, etc.
    • Requires better mission planning software

[edit] FAQ

Navigation and Guidance Workgroup FAQ

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[edit] Suggested reading list

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