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The CSTART Software Library is a collection of computer programs developed by the CSTART community to assist in the planning and management of CSTART projects. In accordance with the CSTART Social Contract, all programs in the CSTART Software Library are available to the public under licenses such that they meet the Free Software Foundation's Free Software Definition.

[edit] Software Listing

  • USOFS: Uncontrolled SubOrbital Flight Simulator

[edit] Proposed Programs

  • Orbit Insertion Simulator
    • CLLARE's equivalent of USOFS
    • Simulates the trajectory of staged rockets which lift payloads to orbit
    • Estimates thrust requirements for stages, etc.
    • Could probably borrow some basic code from USOFS.
  • Interplanetary Transfer Planning Software
    • Helps plan transfers from arbitrary planets/moons to other arbitary planets/moons
    • Supports Hohmann Transfers, Low Energy Transfers
    • Estimates delta-v requirements, flight times, launch windows, etc.
  • Earth Orbit Simulator
    • Simulates orbits of Earth satellites in fine detail
    • Uses detailed information about Earth's gravity field, rather than assuming sphere of uniform mass
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