CLLARE Propulsion Module

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Propulsion Module concept diagram.

The CLLARE Orbital Bus is a cylindrical spacecraft module consisting primarily of a large propellant tank and a cross-shaped cluster of small rocket engines, with a hardware/software interface to communicate with the CLLARE Command Module. The PM will be used for missions requiring substantial delta-v in orbit, such as lunar flyby and lunar landing missions. The PM comes in two variants, the Light (LMH) and Heavy (PMH), which differ only in the size of their tanks.

[edit] Overview

  • Helium pressurant
  • Cryogenic tank with insulating bulkhead
  • No outer structure, strength provided by propellant pressure
  • Cross-shaped engine arrangement allows steering

[edit] Propellant tank

[edit] Engine cluster

The actual engines in the enginge cluster are exactly the same as the engine in the CLLARE Lunar Lander. This approach results in only a single liquid fuelled rocket in the entire hardware stack, reducing R&D requirements if we develop our own engine technology and simplifying procurement if we buy commercial engines.

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