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CloudLab Program


The CloudLab Program is focused on the design and construction of a family of reliable high altitude balloon vehicles capable of carrying payloads to the "near space" environment and permitting easy recovery of these payloads after a non-destructive descent back to Earth

Chimera Program


The Chimera Program is focused on the design and construction of a family of safe and reliable hybrid rocket vehicles of increasing capability, ranging from suborbital flight to orbital insertion


  • Chimera 1, aka OHKLA (Open Hybrid Karman Line Attempt)

COSMoS Program


The COSMoS Program is focused on design and construction of a family of picosatellites and nanosatellites based on the CubeSat 1U, 2U and 3U specifications.

Picture of the Day

Initial concept render of a general purpose lander. The flat deck on top allows various payloads to be handled including a seat for manned missions. For descent only mission profiles the payload to the lunar surface can be increased over sample return missions.

Check out the CSTART image gallery for more pictures.

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