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A concept rendering of the OHKLA rocket.
A cross section of the OHKLA rocket.
An exploded view of the OHKLA rocket with a short description per component.


[edit] Overview

OHKLA (Open Hybrid Karman Line Attempt) is CSTART's project to use a hybrid rocket to carry a small payload beyond the 100km Karman Line, i.e. into space, on a suborbital trajectory. The OHKLA rocket will be as small and light as possible, will not be controlled and will carry only the minimum equipment required to verify maximum altitude and enable recovery. A more detailed description of the project will be constantly updated as work progresses.

The main motivation for OHKLA is to provide a low-cost, small-scale project for doing hybrid rocket research and development to get knowledge and experience that will later be used for more ambitious rocketry projects. It is expected that OHKLA will facilitate experimentation with a range of propellants, ignition systems and nozzle designs. You can read more details about the technical goals of OHKLA elsewhere on the CSTART Wiki.

In addition to these technical motivations, breaking the Karman line constitutes an important but realistic goal for CSTART to establish itself as a serious player in the private spaceflight field and raise awareness and support.

Since the main focus of OHKLA is propulsion research, all other subsystems on the rocket, such as those related to altitude and velocity measurement, parachute release, location reporting, etc. will be standard, off-the-shelf components from the amateur rocket industry, wherever this is possible. For this reason, OHKLA is not divided into workgroups like CLLARE.

Essentially the same project has been succesfully completed in the past by the Civilian Space eXploration Team (CSXT) in 2004, using a single stage solid fuelled rocket, and by the small company Rocket Labs in 2009 using a two stage hybrid fuelled rocket.

[edit] Important Wiki pages

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[edit] Technical details

The links below are to pages dedicated to the technical details of the various components of the OHKLA rocket. From these pages you will be able to access calculations, CAD diagrams, software etc.

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