CLLARE Orbital Support Module

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The CLLARE Orbital Support Module (OSM) is a small, truncated cone shaped module which attaches to the rear of the CLLARE CM. The slope of the OSM is equal to the slope of the CM so that a mated CM-OSM combination has the appeareance of a single large truncated cone with a cylindrical nose.

The OSM facilitates the use of the CM for orbital flights in three ways:

  1. The OSM contains a set of small retro rockets for providing deorbit burns. These are simple solid or hybrid rockets designed for single use. The retro rocket assembly is designed in such a way that it can be completely removed when the OSM is used as part of a hardware configuration where the assembly is unecessary.
  2. The OSM contains a set of additional RCS thrusters. These thrusters can work together with the CM's RCS thrusters (which alone provide only attitude control) to allow accurate orbital maneuvering, including translation.
  3. The OSM can optionally contain supplies of various consumables to supplement those stored onboard the CM, extending its endurance from 24 hour to at least 7 days.

The OSM is not equipped to survive reentry. It is separated from the CM immediately after the deorbit burn and burns up in the atmosphere.

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