CSTART Motto Selection Competition

Happy new year, everybody!  CSTART is kicking off 2010 with a competition!

CSTART needs a motto and in keeping with our open and collaborative spirit, we are going to let the community decide.  Thus, we are excited to announce the CSTART Motto Selection Competition, which opens now. This is your chance to leave a mark on the face of CSTART which could last for decades!

The competition will be conducted using a combination of our /r/tothemoon subreddit and a poll on this blog.  There are two phases of the competition:

The candidate selection phase, which begins as soon as this blog entry is posted and lasts until roughly midnight on the 7th of January 2010: During this week-long phase, anybody and everybody can suggest a motto (or two or more!) by posting a comment on this thread on our subreddit.  There are no restrictions on the mottos you can suggest: we will let upvotes and downvotes by the community weed out trolls and submissions which are considered undesirable or inappropriate by the majority.

The motto selection phase, which will begin immediately after the announcement of the end of the candidate selection phase and last until roughly midnight on the 14th of January 2010.  During this week-long phase, the 5 most upvoted submissions to the Reddit thread will be made the choices for a poll entry in this blog.  Each member of the CSTART community will be able to vote once on one motto from this list of finalists.  The entry which receives the most votes before the closing date will be adopted as the official CSTART motto!

So what are you waiting for?  Post your motto ideas to the Reddit thread now!

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