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Restructuring of OHKLA Wiki page

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7:09 am
February 24, 2010

Luke Maurits

Adelaide, Australia


posts 1195


I have restructured the main OHKLA page in the Wiki.  It represents a sort of "live proposal" of an idea on how to structure our projects/disseminate information that I would very much like feedback on.  If people like it we can do the same thing with CLLARE.

After the intro, there are 3 main sections of the page now:

1) A Core Documents section which contains 4 Core Documents related to the project, one of which is the Overview Document we already have, the other 3 of which are new proposals.  These documents will all be pdfs and they will live in the Mercurial repository, hence access to them will be fairly controlled.  They will be the most authoritative source of information on the project.  You can read about what all the documents are for on the page

2) An Engineering Process section which contains links to the pages in the Wiki which implement the CSTART Engineering Process (whatever we may end up deciding that is).  These pages will contain all the material documenting and justifying our design decisions, etc.  They should probably be restricted so that only people who are active in the project can work on them, since there will be official protocols/guidelines etc. on how these crucial pages should operate

3) An Assorted Wiki Pages section which holds everything else.  The idea is that the Wiki pages under that constitute a sort of informal, easy to navigage, casual source of the information contained in the Core Documents.  These will be open for anybody in the community to edit, to keep them up to date with the project.  They have a sort of "unofficial / work in progress" kind of status.

If people like this idea, then in addition to using the same structure on CLLARE, I'll set up some templates for the different kinds of page which can explain the various levels of "officialness" the different pages have.

Any thoughts on this scheme are strongly welcomed.

Main CLLARE workgroups: Mission Planning, Navigation and Guidance. I do maths, physics, C, Python and Java.

2:56 pm
March 6, 2010


Saarbr├╝cken, Germany (GMT+1)


posts 69


I like all of it! :)

Let's proceed.

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