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Details of manufacturing contrator's contracts | Legal issues | Forum

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Details of manufacturing contrator's contracts

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11:25 pm
December 2, 2009

Luke Maurits

Adelaide, Australia


posts 1197


This is a thread for hashing out details of what we may want to put in the contracts for our manufacturing contracts.

I'll start off with what feel like some fairly obvious basics:

  • Money provided by CSTART may be used for the purchase of raw materials, construction equipment and other costs directly associated with the contracted manufacturing work (safety equipment, electricity, etc.).  Money may not be used to pay wages to any person involved in the construction work unless explicitly authorised by official communication with [list of board members/officers who could authorise this and details of the authorisation procedure].
  • All items constructed using money provided by CSTART shall remain property of CSTART at all times.
  • At the request of CSTART, contractors must deliver constructed or patially constructed items to CSTART or facilitate the collection of items by a CSTART representative.
  • There shall be a monthly reporting requirement, as part of which the contractor must supply CSTART with (i) receipts for all money spent so far; (ii) detailed photographs (for static/inert items) or videos (for moving/working items) demonstrating clearly the work completed so far.
  • Copyright for those photos and videos provided as part of monthly reports shall be transferred to CSTART, who shall be obligated to publish them under the standard CSTART license [aside: this is not a license we write ourselves, rather we decide on an existing license, probably a Creative Commons license, which is the license we shall use by default for most things.  We may like the particular standard license to be changable by some sort of voting process].
  • Failure to submit monthly reports without prior arrangement or extenuating circumstances shall be grounds for termination of the contract.
  • CSTART may terminate the contract if it is decided on the basis of monthly reports that money provided by CSTART has been used in any way not explicitly authorised by the contract or by other official communication with [list of board members/officers who could authorise this and details of the authorisation procedure].
  • Contractors are obliged to make manufactured or partially manufactured items available for physical inspection/testing by a CSTART representative or representatives at CSTART's request.  CSTART shall be obliged to give a minimum of [some time span] notice of desire to inspect and must not be unreasonably inflexible with regard to the scheduling of inspections/tests.
  • CSTART may terminate the contract if it is decided on the basis of monthly reports or physical inspections/tests that work is proceeding at a pace or quality which is unsatisfactory, or if work is not proceeding in accordance with the requirements specified by the contract [aside: which shall be derived from discussion on the forum / Wiki].
  • Contractors may voluntarily terminate the contract at any time.
  • Upon termination of a contract by either CSTART or the contractor, all unspent money and all constructed or partially constructed items shall be returned to CSTART within [a reasonable time frame].

Additions and modifications very welcome, especially from legal types.

Main CLLARE workgroups: Mission Planning, Navigation and Guidance. I do maths, physics, C, Python and Java.

7:25 pm
December 3, 2009



posts 36


Small loophole you might want to close. You mentioned that all of the things made are property of CSTART but you might want to specifically cover raw materials and equipment as being CSTART's as well. Something along the lines of:

All equipment and any excess raw material purchased with CSTART money remains the property of CSTART before during and after the employment of the contractor.

We might also want to cover our butts from lawsuits should any equipment be misused or defective. I am no legal expert though. Would this be the place to cover that?

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