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Forum | PhD student here... ready to offer help and be part of the team...

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PhD student here… ready to offer help and be part of the team…

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11:39 pm
March 6, 2010



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I just found about this site today.. and I think its a cool thing.. to pursue this great dream.. who knows we mite end up being a major contributer for humanities success in space…

Few words to introduce me.. :

MY name is Nitin Arora

I am pursuing my PhD from School of Aerospace Engineering (space systems lab) at Georgia Tech. I received his masters in aerospace engineering from Georgia Tech. in may 2009 and Bachelors from India in 2007. My research interests include Interplanetary Trajectory Design and Optimization, High Performance Computing applied to Astrodynamics, Numerical methods and Real time Ephemeris Generation.

I have lot of trajectory codes (mostly my own) .. and I am well versed in advanced trajectory design and have written a bunch a of codes and research paper on this stuff…

I have few ideas on how to be a part of this team or even guide someone who is trying to learn this field.. (have been at it for >2 yrs now :) )…

so.. I hope to hear from all you guys … anything and everything..,

I will have my website soon… I am making it space funky types.. so it takes time  as I have lot of other work to do being a PhD student Cry

- Nitin

3:49 am
March 7, 2010

Luke Maurits

Adelaide, Australia


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Welcome!  It is wonderful to have someone with your sorts of qualifications here!

I am very interested in furthering our work on the trajectory plan for CLLARE.  Simplicity is the absolute order of the day, so I think we should aim for an entirely coplanar transfer from Earth parking orbit to lunar orbit.  As I understand it this puts considerable restrictions on possible launch dates, since the inclination of the moon's orbit relative to the Earth's equator "wobbles" over time.  If we indeed end up using the Falcon 9 as a launch vehicle we will be launching from Cape Canaveral, which is at latitude 28.46675 deg.  Knowing the duration of coplanar transfer launch windows from this location and their frequency would be a great help in assessing the feasibility of this simplest approach, but I haven't yet found the time to investigate either of these.  If you could share any knowledge or resources on this front it would be fantastic.

I imagine that the work involved in CLLARE might be a little boring for you (e.g no WSB orbits or the like), but hopefully more interesting projects will come along soon.

I suppose I should also take the chance to say here that I am very keen on learning more about this field.  I have degrees in pure and applied mathematics so I am familiar with differential equations and their numerical solution, as well as some basic of dynamical systems theory, etc.  I think that navigation and guidance is the one part of CLLARE that I could most easily become sufficiently profficient in to make really solid technical contributions, rather than just relying on generic scientific knowledge like I do for everything else.  So I look forward to watching you work with us and learning whatever I can from you. :)

Starting a new TA job next week, might be busy for a while! Main CLLARE workgroups: Mission Planning, Navigation and Guidance. I do maths, physics, C, Python and Java.

7:21 am
March 7, 2010


Grand Forks, North Dakota, USA


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Welcome to the team! Your knowledge will be vital to the success of CLLARE since navigation is practically half the battle.

Do you have any experience with navigation hardware such as inertial units or star trackers?

Completely offline from 8-14 March. Main Workgroups: Propulsion & Spacecraft Engineering

12:04 am
March 12, 2010


Rochester, New York, United States


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Welcome! Those are some skills we could really use. As Luke said, our current CLLARE plans don't call for any particularly interesting orbits, but future missions very well might, and if you could figure out a way to reduce the delta-v requirements without extending the mission much, that would be wonderful.

Main work groups: Propulsion (booster), Spacecraft Engineering, Computer Systems, Navigation and Guidance (software)

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