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3 out of 4 project names decided

Voting has now closed on the 2nd phase of the new project naming competition.  For 3 of our 4 new projects there were clear winners.  Henceforth:

  • “PROJECT BALLOON” shall be known as Cloudlab
  • “PROJECT ROCKET” shall be known as Chimera
  • “PROJECT CUBESAT” shall be known as COSMoS

The votes for “PROJECT MANNEDFLIGHT” resulted in a draw, with “Artemis” and “Daedalus” equally popular amongst the community.  Since almost all of the votes for that project were for one of these two options anyway, an immediate revote seems unlikely to break the tie.  Because work on this more advanced project is not likely to start for some time anyway, a revote will be held in the future.

Thanks to everybody who suggested names and who voted.  In the coming weeks, CSTART will work on updating our website to reflect the new system.  As part of the changes we will be seeking community input on such things as project logos, definitions of the stage structures of the various projects, and the assignment of people to particular positions within each project to ensure things run smoothly.  Stay tuned to this blog to see how you can get involved in these decisions.

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